Tea (Chinese. 茶 – “Cha” in Beijing and Guangdong dialects, “those” in Amoi and “Ttsai-e” in Taiwanese, “tea” in Hindi) is a beverage obtained by boiling, brewing and / or infusing tea leaf which is pre-prepared in a special way.

Tea is also called the leaf of the tea plant itself, processed and prepared for the preparation of the drink. This preparation includes pre-drying (drying), twisting, more or less long-lasting enzymatic oxidation, final drying. Other operations are introduced into the process only for the production of certain types and varieties of tea.

Sometimes the word “tea” is also used as the name of a tea bush – a species of the Camellia genus of the Tea family; In botanical scientific literature, the name Camellia (Camellia sinensis) is commonly used for this species.
Tea in a broad sense can be called any drink prepared by brewing previously prepared plant material. The names of such drinks to the word “tea”, as a rule, add an explanation characterizing the raw materials used (“herbal tea”, “berry tea”, “fruit tea” and so on).