Breath Room

Individual massage room to bring relief from accumulated tiredness, muscle or back pain. A visit here will help you breathe deeply and naturally again. All procedures are carried out by skilled and caring human hands, plus innovatory apparatus. All cosmetic materials used in treatments must meet the most exacting standards, and we only use products made from natural ingredients and their derivatives.

Feel Room

We welcome couples to the Feel Room, specially purposed for twin massage. Whatever your procedure of choice – European anti-stress, Japanese lifting, Balinese or Swedish massage – it will be a wonderful experience that brings you closer to your partner than ever.

Touch Room

The golden glint of the lamp, the dark beige walls and a massage bed that has warm alpha-quartz sand from the Arab Emirates instead of a mattress. As you lie on it, you feel the tiredness and tension melt away. It’s remarkable, too, how this treatment raises intellectual, as well as physical, levels of activity.

Dream Room

The dense blue of this room makes you feel like a star in outer space. We recommend a session here for people suffering from insomnia, who, as a result, constantly feel tired. With the help of the Spa Wave acoustic stimulator, 30 minutes’ sleep will make you feel as refreshed and invigorated as if you’d had a full 8 hours.

Swimming pool

Our pool’s heating and lighting systems enable a delightful swim in any weather at any time, whether early in the morning or late in the evening. Come during the afternoon to breathe the fresh air, stroll the bamboo deck warmed by the sun, count the number of fish swimming in the high blue wall separating the pool from the garden or soothe your aching back under the cascade. The pool area is 60 m², the depth is 1.2 meters. Our trained lifeguards mean it’s safe for swimming with children. The water is purified using a natural salt solution, harmless to human health and to the environment.


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