Imagine a cruise liner moored on the Costa Brava, Spain’s most beautiful coastline. Picture the Mediterranean lapping gently against its snow-white sides, while the water flickers from emerald to azure, turquoise to ultramarine. Breathe in the scent of the pines wafting in the breeze and listen to the call of seagulls soaring over the cliffs. This is Alàbriga, where the sun skips along the bamboo decking of the terraces, peeking into the panoramic windows of all of our 29 Home Suites. No matter which one you stay in, your days and nights spent in Alàbriga Hotel will leave you with only the happiest of memories.

Alàbriga Hotel & Home Suites is a Grande Luxe category aparthotel with its own restaurants, spa, boutique, pools, and even a library with a fireplace… It’s a dream come true. A dream of somewhere a family with children, a couple in love, or a group of old friends can leave their everyday cares behind and savour every moment spent together. A dream of a place where you feel perfectly at home: relaxed, happy and comfortable.

Everything at Alàbriga Hotel combines to achieve just that: every detail of the decor, lighting, colours, sounds, scents and, naturally, our team itself. Nothing is left to chance: everything has been painstakingly curated from the paintings by contemporary artists to our attentive butlers, wine list and invited DJs. Because we love what we do and know you expect impeccable service from an internationally-renowned hotel, we delight in exceeding expectations!



Alàbriga Hotel & Home Suites is a space fusing art, design and exquisite taste. We aim to serve as a crossroads of global cultures where art exhibitions, fashion shows, literary evenings, open-air performances and a host of other events fill our calendar. A place where renowned talents meet those more up-and-coming, and where the national and the international all find a home.

Located in the bay of Sant Pol in the coastal town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Alàbriga consists of 29 luxury apartments we refer to as ‘Home Suites’. These homely, cosy spaces combine peace of mind, convenience and stylish design. Perfectionism and attention to detail ensure a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere prevails in each of the suites, providing the perfect backdrop to Sant Pol’s spectacular natural beauty.


The Alàbriga name belonged to the former hotel located on the same site to have enjoyed its heyday in the 1960s and 70s. Phoenician in origin and hailing from the Sant Feliu de Guíxols region, Alàbriga means ‘strength of the Sun’ and thus, in our humble opinion, perfectly encapsulates S’Agaró’s idyllic surroundings on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean.

Alàbriga Hotel & Home Suites’ unique architecture is intended to evoke the vision of a yacht moored in one of Sant Feliu de Guíxols’ coves. Designed by internationally-renowned architect Aryanour Djalali, professionals from the local region were employed in its construction.