About S’Agaró

Located in the very heart of the Costa Brava, Alàbriga Hotel looks out over S’Agaró bay. To the right, brightly-coloured fishing boats and white yachts dance across the glistening water. To the left, lies the sandy crescent of the beach, fringed with villas from the time of the Novecento and Art Deco styles, while the promenade still holds fond memories of Frank Sinatra strolling in the moonlight with Ava Gardner.

S’Agaró today is a charming little resort on a rocky peninsula, just as it was in the middle of the last century, when it developed almost overnight as one of the most fashionable and bohemian resorts in Europe. If we could go back in time, we would see practically everyone who was anyone among the happy crowd, from staid Catalan industrialists with their coolly elegant wives, to excitable French artists with their gorgeous muses, Hollywood stars of the silver screen, enamoured Russian aristocrats and Spanish toreadors dancing attendance.

What drew the rich and famous? The answer is as true today as it was then. Ordering sea urchins with a glass of chilled cava at a beach taverna, taking a yacht out into the open sea, or discovering the semi-wild trails of the Camí de Ronda – tracks which once served smugglers so well and which are now a favourite with hikers. Or simply breathing in the salty sea air as the sun goes down on the terrace of your suite at Hotel Alàbriga…

Incredibly enough, S’Agaró has been able to preserve its bohemian look and hedonistic feel into the twenty-first century. The look and feel of a place where pleasure and joie de vivre can be felt in the air. Like the scent of almond blossom and mimosa, which come into bloom on the Costa Brava as early as February.

Video tour of the resort of S’Agaro

The mild, compared with the rest of Spain, Sagaro climate attracts a huge number of guests every year, most of which can be called very rich. Today this resort is among the elite and world stars are not shy to come here.